Welcome to Desmond's Wiki

This wiki belongs to Desmond Rivet. Right now, it's mostly a repository for notes and stuff. This may change in the future.

Interesting starting points:

A wiki? What is this, 2005?

I have been informed on a couple of occasions that wikis are dated, and that I should be using Google Docs instead.

I respectfully disagree. I find that Google Docs works too much like Microsoft Word, which I don't find pleasant to use. I'm sure that was the whole point, and the Google Docs team did a great job in this respect, but that doesn't mean I like it any better.

When I write anything longer than a couple of sentences, I like using Markdown. If that's not available, then I like using some form of wiki markup. The main point here is that I like writing things in plain text. It's more portable and it lasts longer.

Why is your wiki domain password protected?

I found that too many people were trying to edit and create new accounts on the wiki, which was hogging alot of resources on my relatively low end VPS. Rather than turning off the feature, I just password protected the areas in question, and whitelisted the IP addresses from which I usually access the wiki. This seems to work, and everything seems to be alot faster, but I'm a little sad that I had to take this step.

Why do I get a security warning when I try to access your wiki?

The entire wiki domain, in addition to being password procted, is also protected with an SSL certificate, so that I can log into the wiki using a plain password without worrying too much about people snooping.

It ended up being easier to protect the whole domain rather than trying to just protect the login stage, which basically means that you need to use HTTPS even if you just want to read the wiki.

You have two options if you want to access the wiki:

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